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The Learning on Graph group in the CS Department of RWTH University is looking for a highly motivated student with practical experience in software engineering. The goal is to further improve an existing and already widely used open-source library in the area of graph learning by

  1. adding rigorous unit- and integration testing,
  2. adding detailed documentation in the form of auto-generated docs,
  3. developing a consistent API and refactoring existing code to improve readability and extensibility,
  4. setting up a feasible continuous delivery pipeline as well as a strategy with versioning and release.

This project provides an excellent opportunity to ambitious students in working on a large and popular open-source library and to have great impact on a rapidly growing field of machine learning.


  1. Excellent programming skills in Python
  2. Strong background in machine learning
  3. Experience with PyTorch
  4. Experience with clean code, auto-generated documentation, unit- and integration testing
  5. Interest in open-source development
  6. Strong commitment to the project in terms of time and effort


  1. Proven track record (contributions to open-source software, machine learning projects)
  2. Independent way of working
  3. Practical experience with and interest in graph learning
  4. Experience with PyTorch Geometric (
  5. Experience with working on large code bases

If the above is of interest to you, please send us a short cover letter, an up-to-date CV, a transcript of records and, if available, references to any relevant software development projects you have done in the past via email to luis.mueller[ät][dot]info.

We welcome applications regardless of their social category. Applications will be considered as they arrive and until the positions are filled. There is no deadline. The starting date is flexible. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions (luis.mueller[ät][dot]info).